Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week... two..ish

Ok so this may not be quite as long as the rest but need to make sure to touch base, keep holding my self accountable. WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS SUCK. I firmly believe people who try to make a better life style for themselves quit around this time due to frustration. Seriously!

I have been watching the food I eat, keeping it as organic as possible. Yes thats right organic. Why? We are trying to rid out bodies of the poison that we put into it, and don't see the need in aiding more poisons to enter my body.  Better in, better out?

Also as far as my exercise regimen? I have been walking 2.1 miles nightly! My friend and I take a walk down by the water front by my house. Its beautiful and peaceful. And I am happy to report I think we are ready to step it up. As said in my first post. It starts with moving. And it feels GOOD. So good, I hope to report the increase in movement/exercise area.

Ok, ok. So... its not what I would consider a fad diet, but I decided to try a detox type thing. Bought the "Jillian Michaels" detox system. Guess what? I was a tootin away, but... thats it. So, I'm cool with spending money to be gassy. It may have been doing more, but after experiencing the toots I Googled the product. (which I should have done first, it was a spur of the moment purchase). Super bad rating on many different sites. I see why. May try another cleanse, just not sure which one yet. But not going to do a super crazy one.

When I first started this change my family was fighting me tooth and nail. Man are we addicted to processed CRAP. Kept my gloves on, and they are def coming around. Vary excited about that! Its still a battle, but I will keep up the efforts in making this family healthy. After all, we need to show this world how its done for a loooong time :)

I am trying to learn to live again. Does anyone understand how truly dead fat people are? We already started digging our grave. Im crawling my way back out damit. I choose life. I am forcing myself to get up and actually take part in life. Change starts NOW. I have felt so much better just in moving more and changing what I eat. Want to hear something weird? I am having a hard time getting in 1200 calories. What?!? Ya weird right? Guess what... You have to eat to keep your metabolism going. So thats an on going struggle. Eating small meals, frequently. Not all at once.

So weight lost? Drum roll please.....
4 lbs this week-ish!
Total loss- 8 lbs

I want more, but as my Grandpa said "You didn't gain it over night, you wont loose it overnight" He is vary proud of me, and that means A LOT :)

I want to thank everyone thats in this journey with me. I have had amazing support and I am truly humbled. It gives me drive to keep going. When I get discouraged and want to just have that fast food meal, Or don't "feel" like walking, I come on here and read the comments. Remember what people have said to me. And it gives me drive. This week sucked, but you all helped. Loves ya all bunchs.

Have an amazing week, and heres to learning to LIVE!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week one...

First off, I want to thank the out pour of support I received. It may not reflect on my followers, but my inbox was packed full of support! Some who have gone threw this journey, some who hope too, and some who are where they would like to be, but work vary hard to be where they are at. I have had amazing offers as well. My sister has offered to meet with me once a week for accountability, and share some knowledge she has gained about healthy eating. Thanks T! Wasn't able to meet with her this last Friday but def look forward to this Friday :) Also a friend of mine Benny is a personal trainer and has offer to show me the ropes around the gym. Woot! Now... to get a gym membership. My sister in law emailed me many things that might make it easier. Thank you all for your support. I know I am forgetting people but hey, its not the Grammys. Im trying to loose weight people!

OK so after I had this big vision of becoming super diet/exercise woman, I felt kind of sad. Could it be that food truly does comfort people? I spent that weekend so utterly aware of what I was putting in my mouth.

While it could have been worse, it sure could have been better. An why lie, it was Superbowl weekend and I ate what ever looked good. Problem? Knowing and being aware of what it does to my body made most of it look un appealing. I did have a couple lil smokies, and a deviled egg (yummm) This week I call.... awareness.

Im not in it for a sprint. I was advised to start slow, make a couple changes at a time. Well... thats what I am doing, and its not so bad. I don't feel deprived, I feel aware. Was out and about this week and was STARVING. Instead of just stopping by a fast food place and regretted it later, I took my bootie home, made a salad and some grilled chicken. It was yummy and only took ten minutes. And guess what? I HAD NO GUILT. HA! Take that fast food people lol. Also I was out with a girlfriend of mine and again starving, instead of grabbing like chinese or something, we had sweet tomatoes. Even managed to stay away from the pasta and dessert bar. YAIIII US! Again, not deprived...Content.

Ok it seems like I am always starving right? Ya, need to learn to eat threw out the day. Coffee is not a food group. Get so hungry later in the day that I settle for anything. So I went to the grocery store an got some healthier options. Ie yogurt, low cal salad dressing spray, salad fixins, peppers, berries, etc. Just some fun options to mix it up. Not going for the salad or bust diet, Im going for the healthy life style.

So... Im also applying for the biggest loser, I mean why not, right? Its worth a shot, but either way Im in this. I have friends that are doing weight loss things as well. They are doing things like weight loss drops, and others like Herbalife. It seems to be working for them, just  not thinking its for me. Im goin to try with as little help as possible, but trust some magic melt away pill does sound nice! But I have realized nothings over night. No matter what method you choose, its a battle.

So.... my first week I am reporting I have lost... 4 lbs!
May not seem like I moved mountains, but I am on a good road.

This weeks goals : Drink 8 glasses of water a day
                             Work out three times

Heres to being content, and learning more ways to love our bodies.
Loves to all

Friday, February 4, 2011

My First Blog....

Ever watch the biggest loser, and wish, with acheing pangs that could be you? Yet... What are you doing while watching it? Sitting on our booties. Ok, ok, maybe not all of us, but I know I am. Ever see those people that receive the weight loss surgery and wish your insurance would cover that? I know I have. I get so wrapped up in other lives about how they are "lucky" to have that oppertunity. But came to a realization... we ALL have that oppertunity. I dont need to go under the knife, or be on the worlds GREATEST show lol. I need to start investing in me. My heath. I may not know all the secrets, but I am pretty sure it starts with MOVING.

I heard a saying the other day. Triple F's. What does that mean? FIT FIERCE AND FABULOUS! That my friends, is going to be me. While I'm not to far off on the fierce and fab lol, I need the FIT to help tie them all together.

Personal story....
Ok so I am going to try and leave my personal life out of this as much as possible, but will involve it where need be. IE to my triple FFF struggle. So basically.... I grew up in a hmmm... not so great situation, but
I def had some people in my life who helped make it amazing. I teetered with weight probably my whole adolescences. going from "normal" to just a lil thick. I became a Momma at 18, and never lost the 70 lb baby weight. Got married to an amazing man at 21, and well... basically let myself go. Why lie. He has a sweet tooth and so did I! I AM NOT BLAMING MY WEIGHT ON HIM. Just to get that out there. I have a couple obstacles that may effect me, but I will push past them. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, and take medication daily that effects my metabolism as a side effect. For those who don't know what PCOS is, I def encourage you to google it :)

Why am I doing this?
Lets count the reasons shall we? I'm tired. Litterly tired. Need to boost my body. Ever want to just do something? I want to run, that's right run. Wake up in the am and go for a morning run, be free. My dream. O and lets see, shop it the regular sections at stores, heck yes! And most importantly, be more active with my kids. My son who has my genes, has become a little chubby, and he has been making comments about it as of late. Asks if a shirt makes him look "skinny". I always remind him how handsome he is, but lets face it, kids are cruel these days, and some terds have made ill comments to him. I wont cover up the issue any longer, I will lead him by example and be a positive role model in his life. Hes my world, and any parent wants their child to not hurt. And if he ends up deciding to be a lil thick, so be it! But I will give him the encouragement and tools needed. My kids are the loves of my life, and I will do what it takes.

So.... Here it goes.
A 365 day overhaul of me. My body, my health. I will be sending out invites now to join/follow my blog. And if anyone wants to train me, give advice, you will def be mentioned. While I cant change America, I can change me, and hope to encourage others in the process.

I wont be posting pics as of yet... nor my weight. But will. But know... I have almost half of me to loose, and my journey? It starts today.

Ciao for now!