Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what week is this???

So... I got a little off track. I was fierce out the gate, and once life came at me I cowered down. Not going to lie kinda felt like this would happen, but hoped it wouldn't.

So after my last blog I experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Was in sooooo much pain. Had to miss some class, and was down for the count. So I decided why not take this opportunity to CHEAT. Ahhhhh!  Not such a good idea. While I didn't go all out, I knew what I was doing. Riding on a slippery slope. Have I ever mentioned cookies are so yummy? Mmmmm. LOL. Can you tell what I am getting at?

So... I didn't gain, I did continue to loose a little. But I am getting back on track. Regain control again, and continue to freedom. 

This blog isn't long, my apologies. Wanted to make sure and check in, and regain accountability. Hope I am able next Friday to report on some awesome news! 

Have a great weekend all, and hope all is well.

Ciao for now,