Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what week is this???

So... I got a little off track. I was fierce out the gate, and once life came at me I cowered down. Not going to lie kinda felt like this would happen, but hoped it wouldn't.

So after my last blog I experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Was in sooooo much pain. Had to miss some class, and was down for the count. So I decided why not take this opportunity to CHEAT. Ahhhhh!  Not such a good idea. While I didn't go all out, I knew what I was doing. Riding on a slippery slope. Have I ever mentioned cookies are so yummy? Mmmmm. LOL. Can you tell what I am getting at?

So... I didn't gain, I did continue to loose a little. But I am getting back on track. Regain control again, and continue to freedom. 

This blog isn't long, my apologies. Wanted to make sure and check in, and regain accountability. Hope I am able next Friday to report on some awesome news! 

Have a great weekend all, and hope all is well.

Ciao for now,


  1. Aw im sorry about the ectopic pregnancy :( I hope you feel better! Thats great that you didnt gain anything but I wouldnt beat myself up for cheating if I were you because you were emotionally going through some s**t and not gaining any weight and keeping your cheats down to a minimum is awesome. I give you props I would have collapsed and gained 10 lbs lol. Good luck and glad to see your back.

  2. Hi Steph-Hope you're feeling better now. It's sounds like you are dealing with everything ok. You didn't let life get you down and even lost a little, so that's progress!

  3. Hope your doing better Stephanie... Glad that you are back here blogging, looking for accountability. Slipping at times is expected. Now, the victory comes when we get up and try again.... Keep it up!!